Using a picture

We hope you enjoy watching the pictures at Unfortunately, due to the increasing problem of picture theft on the Internet, all pictures on the site are watermarked. This means that every picture is protected by Copyright and you are not allowed to use them, not even with the watermark, without our explicit written permission. We are more than happy that you take interest in our pictures. We just don't wan't them to be stolen.

If you wish to use a picture, please contact us, and tell us what picture number you are interested in and how you would like to use it. We will be more than happy to offer you a good price for the use. Our prices are reasonable, also for personal use on blogs etc. If you need to see the picture in a higher resolution before you make your descision, we will be happy to send it to you by e-mail.

After all, a good picture is a work of art, which in some cases takes life long experience to be able to produce. We think this effort is worth something and that is the reason we won't just give it away for free. In this digital era, a huge majority of the consumers have a hard time understanding the concept of immaterial rights. Something that most producers of immaterial work do understand. We hope that you, as a consumer, understand us, as producers, that a small amount of money will keep bringing beautiful pieces of art work to you and the rest of the world to watch and enjoy.




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